Halloween photo shoot

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I needed to get some pictures of the kids in their Halloween costume.  This series of photos was taken in the span of about a minute.  Cade.  This kid.  Not sure where he came from but he sure makes my life way more fun!
Workout fundraiser update.
We had a great workout fundraiser at Surefire Fitness.  We were amazed and overwhelmed by the support and love for our kids.  Thank you for being our people.  We are grateful!!

I mean, seriously.  LOVE!!!

 It was an awesome time.  Great workout.  Great people.  Lots of fun!

The kids had a blast!!!  They were in charge of making it difficult for the runners 🙂  The were armed with water guns, pool noodles and water balloons.  They succeeded in their quest b/c most of us were drenched!!

Naz Long and Matt Thomas from the ISU basketball team came out to join the fun.  Special thanks to Naz and Matt along with Nate Loenser, the director of player development, for supporting our kids! For a couple college guys that easily could have chosen to spend their Saturday morning in multiple other ways, I was impressed.  They worked out with us, took pictures, signed autographs, and took selfies 🙂 

We had a fabulous support crew.  They sold t-shirts, took pictures, directed parking, and also worked out.  Thanks family!

Our littlest supporter, Leo!

Through free will donation and t-shirt sales, the workout raised over $6,000 for our kids.  Amazing.  So humbled and grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.  Thank you for supporting two little kids half way across the world.  
Ben Dillow.
Please remember that name.  And remember this face.

Ben Dillow passed away last week in Congo.  Without his family.  He was denied a medical exit letter in July and his body just couldn’t hang on.  This is the reality of life in DRC and the reality of the exit letter suspension. His death could have been avoided.  Read the letter his family wrote in his honor and pray for them and the children who can not come home.

Adoption update.

Their has been lots of advocacy on behalf of all the families stuck (all 700 of us).  Our kids aren’t coming home soon.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  But we are hopeful that they will come home. If you want more news on DRC adoptions and the advocacy campaign go to the Both Ends Burning page.  Get lost in the family stories and compelling videos.  Every child deserves a family.

Adoption Fundraiser

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I need to do an adoption update.  Nothing has really changed.  This is my life motto right now:

So there’s that.  Walking by faith.  The path looks dark and bumpy and curvy.  But we have faith that God will make Himself known through this journey; after all, that is the point of life, right?  Not to make it easy or good for me. Or to make it all work out in the end.  Nope, to make Himself known. Today we are choosing faith that this is good.  And tomorrow, we will choose again.  
At least there are fun things to do while we wait 🙂  Like this workout fundraiser on Saturday at Surefire Fitness!!  Surefire is my workout home.  I love it.  And the owner, Jeff, is so graciously hosting a workout that supports our adoption!!
  • Who: YOU!
  • What: This event is a killer workout, a huge party and a ton of fun all wrapped in one!  Jeff will be planning a workout that proves to be fun for everyone.  Surefire is never boring.  There will be a DJ; I mean, how cool is that?  We’ve got lots of awesome door prizes, like salon gift certificates, photo packages, admission to the fair, free golf and lots more.  We will be selling our adoption t-shirts.  Bring your kids and spouse.  There will be something for everyone, and you don’t have to work out!  Just come.  It’s free, and you can give a free will donation if you want to.
  • Where: Surefire Fitness, Ames IA
  • When: THIS Saturday July 26 at 9am
  • Why: Because we want you to be part of this journey.  We are so grateful to those who have stood by us and supported us since this journey started.  This isn’t about us.  It’s about two sweet children half way around the world that deserve to be raised in a family and a big God who deserves to be worshipped and praised.  Come join us!!
Want more details? Check out the event Facebook page and let us know if you are coming!

Last Day of Preschool

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How can she be done with preschool?  Not possible.  On to Early K in the fall!

First Day of Preschool…
9 months, 3 hospitalizations, Christmas, a birthday, one life altering surgery, lots of growing, a few tears and lots of smiles later…
The two classes at her preschool put on a little program.

Her teachers, Ms. Pat and Ms. Amber.  We will forever be grateful for their love and guidance.  They accommodated, counseled and loved our girl through a year that was tough but oh so great.  

A Wedding

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Brett and Jaclyn got married!!!!!!!  Yay.  So fun.  We had a great time celebrating them and their new life.  Enjoy the pictures 🙂

Easter 2014

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Reese was discharged from the hospital just in time for Good Friday.  Reese and I have been having a lot of conversations about pain and suffering and disease and God.  I loved this article on Talking with Your Kids About Hard Things. God created a perfect world.  With no pain or suffering or hospitals or owies.  But because He gave us free will, one man sinned and sin entered the world.  Death, disease, pokes, yucky things. And sin in our own hearts. Hate, selfishness, anger. But, He has a plan for REDEMPTION! Through our faith in Him and His death on the cross, our penalty has been paid and we are a new creation that is free from the bondage that is sin.  And through Jesus we can look forward to a world with no death or pain or suffering or sin.  Because one day Jesus will return and make all things good for those who walk with Him.  
As a mom, it is so great to relay a message of hope even when things hurt.  I love how faithful God has been to show us He is good in the middle of this, and specifically show Reese that He is good.  Sometimes we cry together.  Sometimes I don’t always have a graceful answer to the “why me” I hear almost daily.  But, I love watching her eyes light up when we talk about heaven and new bodies and no owies.   We are thankful for this journey and the blessing of Easter and redemption.
We spent this Easter with Oma and Papa, hunting eggs, opening Easter baskets, and enjoying food and family.  We ended the night with a glow in the dark egg hunt with our neighbors.  I hope it become tradition.  

I am a little behind.  So here is a picture dump…
We visited with a couple special people in March.  GG came to visit us at our house.  We loved it!!  Thanks for coming to visit, GG and Neva!

And then we went to Muscatine to visit Mollie and meet Claire.  Love!! The girls had fun doing nails and hair 🙂

In April we took our annual girl’s trip to Kansas City with Oma.  Reese talks about going to Kansas City all the time.  I think this will be something she will remember as a highlight of her childhood.

Reese got to participate in the ISU Fashion Show thanks to Dance Marathon.  A Dancer created these dresses for the girls based on what they liked.  The theme was teal 🙂  Reese really enjoyed dressing up with the big girls.

Dress Rehearsal…


All of the models hair looked like this.  I guess they do all the hair the same to focus on the clothes.



Reese spent a couple days inpatient at MGMC for an infection. Thankfully, she was in good spirits.

Because your IV pole should always be decorated.  Always.

We love our Corrine!!

I’ve got more.  It’s coming.
It’s March.  I can’t believe I didn’t blog in February….since it went on, and on, and on.  I need spring.  I NEED spring!!!!
Adoption update, or lack of adoption update.  Not much is happening in regards to the process.   We are still waiting for things to start moving again.  
We did celebrate both kid’s birthdays in January.  First up was Ms. Mo.  We know she likes Care Bears, so she got a Care Bear cake.  We celebrated with another family who is also adopting from the same country.  So thankful for good friends and support in this process.  And of course, there were party hats and noise makers!

On Mr. Bo’s birthday we went out to dinner as a family and celebrated at home with cupcakes (made by Oma) and balloons.  Reese picked out the balloons and thought he would like trucks and balls.  I bet she is right.

It was a little sad celebrating birthdays for kids who aren’t home.  I would give anything to know if they were celebrated on their special day.  But, our kids at home need something tangible to do and this was a great excuse to do something fun as a family in honor of their brother and sister.  We took a lot of pictures and videos to share with the kids once they come home.

Jan/Feb also marked one year since we saw their photos and accepted their referrals.  We didn’t enter this process thinking we would have referrals for over a year and counting with no end in sight.  We thank God for the strength to continue trusting, continue fighting, and continue loving two sets of brown eyes that we have only met through pictures.  Kids deserve forever families.  We will keep fighting until they are home.

We recently sent our second care package.  My favorite part was the stuffed bear in the back.  When you squeeze the bear, he repeats a recording of our voices.  Ms. Mo got a couple dresses and lots of girly things.  Every picture we have of her, she is wearing a dress and it is usually pink.  Her ears are pierced and she is always wearing bracelets.  She will fit right in with Reese 🙂 Baby Bo got toys, books  and a little brother onsie.  We also wrote a letter to Mama M and sent her a couple gifts too.

I wish we could send more, but this barely fit into the backpack!!

Cade sent his love with the backpack.

“Cade, open your eyes.”

We get new pictures of our kids every couple months.  We just got new pictures.  Oh.My.WORD!!! Bo is flashing the CUTEST grin I have ever seen.  Our kids rarely smile in the pictures we receive, but this time Bo is absolutely cheesin out.  I love it!!  It is a treat to receive pictures with Mama M in them. She is gorgeous and you can tell she adores the kids.  Her eyes tell a story of love and care that I am so thankful for.

On Friday we got word that Mo came down with Malaria.  This is fairly common over there and Mama M caught it fast so she wasn’t hospitalized and is on medicine at home.  Reality is, kids in orphanages die of this ever day.  Kids like Mo who, if she wasn’t under the care of Mama M, would have probably suffered and died alone.  Please pray for our kids….that their health would be restored and they would come HOME!

And here are pictures of our trip to the Science Center with Oma, because it is one of the only times we left the house in February.  Seriously.