Workout fundraiser update.
We had a great workout fundraiser at Surefire Fitness.  We were amazed and overwhelmed by the support and love for our kids.  Thank you for being our people.  We are grateful!!

I mean, seriously.  LOVE!!!

 It was an awesome time.  Great workout.  Great people.  Lots of fun!

The kids had a blast!!!  They were in charge of making it difficult for the runners 🙂  The were armed with water guns, pool noodles and water balloons.  They succeeded in their quest b/c most of us were drenched!!

Naz Long and Matt Thomas from the ISU basketball team came out to join the fun.  Special thanks to Naz and Matt along with Nate Loenser, the director of player development, for supporting our kids! For a couple college guys that easily could have chosen to spend their Saturday morning in multiple other ways, I was impressed.  They worked out with us, took pictures, signed autographs, and took selfies 🙂 

We had a fabulous support crew.  They sold t-shirts, took pictures, directed parking, and also worked out.  Thanks family!

Our littlest supporter, Leo!

Through free will donation and t-shirt sales, the workout raised over $6,000 for our kids.  Amazing.  So humbled and grateful to be a part of such an amazing community.  Thank you for supporting two little kids half way across the world.  
Ben Dillow.
Please remember that name.  And remember this face.

Ben Dillow passed away last week in Congo.  Without his family.  He was denied a medical exit letter in July and his body just couldn’t hang on.  This is the reality of life in DRC and the reality of the exit letter suspension. His death could have been avoided.  Read the letter his family wrote in his honor and pray for them and the children who can not come home.

Adoption update.

Their has been lots of advocacy on behalf of all the families stuck (all 700 of us).  Our kids aren’t coming home soon.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.  But we are hopeful that they will come home. If you want more news on DRC adoptions and the advocacy campaign go to the Both Ends Burning page.  Get lost in the family stories and compelling videos.  Every child deserves a family.