I need to do an adoption update.  Nothing has really changed.  This is my life motto right now:

So there’s that.  Walking by faith.  The path looks dark and bumpy and curvy.  But we have faith that God will make Himself known through this journey; after all, that is the point of life, right?  Not to make it easy or good for me. Or to make it all work out in the end.  Nope, to make Himself known. Today we are choosing faith that this is good.  And tomorrow, we will choose again.  
At least there are fun things to do while we wait 🙂  Like this workout fundraiser on Saturday at Surefire Fitness!!  Surefire is my workout home.  I love it.  And the owner, Jeff, is so graciously hosting a workout that supports our adoption!!
  • Who: YOU!
  • What: This event is a killer workout, a huge party and a ton of fun all wrapped in one!  Jeff will be planning a workout that proves to be fun for everyone.  Surefire is never boring.  There will be a DJ; I mean, how cool is that?  We’ve got lots of awesome door prizes, like salon gift certificates, photo packages, admission to the fair, free golf and lots more.  We will be selling our adoption t-shirts.  Bring your kids and spouse.  There will be something for everyone, and you don’t have to work out!  Just come.  It’s free, and you can give a free will donation if you want to.
  • Where: Surefire Fitness, Ames IA
  • When: THIS Saturday July 26 at 9am
  • Why: Because we want you to be part of this journey.  We are so grateful to those who have stood by us and supported us since this journey started.  This isn’t about us.  It’s about two sweet children half way around the world that deserve to be raised in a family and a big God who deserves to be worshipped and praised.  Come join us!!
Want more details? Check out the event Facebook page and let us know if you are coming!