Reese was discharged from the hospital just in time for Good Friday.  Reese and I have been having a lot of conversations about pain and suffering and disease and God.  I loved this article on Talking with Your Kids About Hard Things. God created a perfect world.  With no pain or suffering or hospitals or owies.  But because He gave us free will, one man sinned and sin entered the world.  Death, disease, pokes, yucky things. And sin in our own hearts. Hate, selfishness, anger. But, He has a plan for REDEMPTION! Through our faith in Him and His death on the cross, our penalty has been paid and we are a new creation that is free from the bondage that is sin.  And through Jesus we can look forward to a world with no death or pain or suffering or sin.  Because one day Jesus will return and make all things good for those who walk with Him.  
As a mom, it is so great to relay a message of hope even when things hurt.  I love how faithful God has been to show us He is good in the middle of this, and specifically show Reese that He is good.  Sometimes we cry together.  Sometimes I don’t always have a graceful answer to the “why me” I hear almost daily.  But, I love watching her eyes light up when we talk about heaven and new bodies and no owies.   We are thankful for this journey and the blessing of Easter and redemption.
We spent this Easter with Oma and Papa, hunting eggs, opening Easter baskets, and enjoying food and family.  We ended the night with a glow in the dark egg hunt with our neighbors.  I hope it become tradition.