It’s March.  I can’t believe I didn’t blog in February….since it went on, and on, and on.  I need spring.  I NEED spring!!!!
Adoption update, or lack of adoption update.  Not much is happening in regards to the process.   We are still waiting for things to start moving again.  
We did celebrate both kid’s birthdays in January.  First up was Ms. Mo.  We know she likes Care Bears, so she got a Care Bear cake.  We celebrated with another family who is also adopting from the same country.  So thankful for good friends and support in this process.  And of course, there were party hats and noise makers!

On Mr. Bo’s birthday we went out to dinner as a family and celebrated at home with cupcakes (made by Oma) and balloons.  Reese picked out the balloons and thought he would like trucks and balls.  I bet she is right.

It was a little sad celebrating birthdays for kids who aren’t home.  I would give anything to know if they were celebrated on their special day.  But, our kids at home need something tangible to do and this was a great excuse to do something fun as a family in honor of their brother and sister.  We took a lot of pictures and videos to share with the kids once they come home.

Jan/Feb also marked one year since we saw their photos and accepted their referrals.  We didn’t enter this process thinking we would have referrals for over a year and counting with no end in sight.  We thank God for the strength to continue trusting, continue fighting, and continue loving two sets of brown eyes that we have only met through pictures.  Kids deserve forever families.  We will keep fighting until they are home.

We recently sent our second care package.  My favorite part was the stuffed bear in the back.  When you squeeze the bear, he repeats a recording of our voices.  Ms. Mo got a couple dresses and lots of girly things.  Every picture we have of her, she is wearing a dress and it is usually pink.  Her ears are pierced and she is always wearing bracelets.  She will fit right in with Reese 🙂 Baby Bo got toys, books  and a little brother onsie.  We also wrote a letter to Mama M and sent her a couple gifts too.

I wish we could send more, but this barely fit into the backpack!!

Cade sent his love with the backpack.

“Cade, open your eyes.”

We get new pictures of our kids every couple months.  We just got new pictures.  Oh.My.WORD!!! Bo is flashing the CUTEST grin I have ever seen.  Our kids rarely smile in the pictures we receive, but this time Bo is absolutely cheesin out.  I love it!!  It is a treat to receive pictures with Mama M in them. She is gorgeous and you can tell she adores the kids.  Her eyes tell a story of love and care that I am so thankful for.

On Friday we got word that Mo came down with Malaria.  This is fairly common over there and Mama M caught it fast so she wasn’t hospitalized and is on medicine at home.  Reality is, kids in orphanages die of this ever day.  Kids like Mo who, if she wasn’t under the care of Mama M, would have probably suffered and died alone.  Please pray for our kids….that their health would be restored and they would come HOME!

And here are pictures of our trip to the Science Center with Oma, because it is one of the only times we left the house in February.  Seriously.