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Dance Marathon 2014 was AMAZING!!!! Get ready for lots of pictures AND videos…because pictures don’t do it justice.  And neither do videos, so you all should just come next year 🙂
The lights, the music, the students, the anticipation, the hope, the love, the cause…it all culminates for a day-of that is unlike anything else I have ever experienced.  
We had two really excited kids!

Before I tell you about the day, lets talk about the students. They are awesome!  An event of this magnitude is no easy feat to pull off, much less for a group of full-time college students.  I’ve said it before, but they are some of the most giving, selfless, supportive, fun, energetic students I have ever met.  Reese loved spending the day with some of her favorite people.  

You all made Reese feel like a million bucks this weekend, and I will forever be thankful for the great example you are in her life. 
The day starts with the run-in at 9am.  Over 1,000 students yelling and dancing and running though the human tunnel.  Oh man, it’s awesome.

Then they learn the morale dance.  This dance is done every hour, on the hour. It’s fun and Reese loved dancing to it and participating on stage.

Reese is the little blonde enjoying the morale dance on a dancer’s shoulders in this video…

Reese LOVED being on stage!
We got to meet our team…Team Kangaroo!! Dancers are put into teams and are assigned a family.  They compete in games and eat meals with their team throughout the day. 

They will do anything For The Kids!

Leslie and Justin were our team’s Morale Captains.  They dress up for the theme hours.  Time isn’t tracked with numbers at Dance Marathon, it is tracked by theme hours.  
Super hero hour…

Iowa State hour…

There are lots of morale captains, and it is so fun to see everyone dressed up each hour. And they go all out creating their costumes! I saw one student dancing on stage in full snowboarding gear, helmet and goggles and all and another in a box painted as Spongebob.
As the day went on, there is so much to do.  The dancers can’t sit down and they sure keep them busy.  Bounce houses, laser tag, magicians, bands, swing dancing, crafts, yard games, cupcake decorating….there was always something to do.  Dance Marathon takes over the Memorial Union and has something in every room.
The “Families Room” was decorated as Candy Land and had crafts and snacks for the families.

Gingerbread houses!

I have no idea what hour this was, but Cade wouldn’t take his pirate patch off all day, not even for a bath. And Reese LOVED having Jaida visit!
They had a talent show for the kids.  Reese sang Brave, of course. This is WAY out of her comfort zone, getting up on stage.  But at Dance Marathon, she turns in to a different person.  
The band Paradise Fears was scheduled to hit the stage around 8pm.  They were awesome, coming early in the day and spending time with the families and taking everything in.  They were front row during Reese’s singing debut…future lead singer??
Here is Reese with their lead singer, Sam.
We were able to share our story and video with the dancers.  Our children were so well-behaved on stage.
The fashion show was Reese’s favorite.  A gal from The ISU Fashion Show, Ashlyn, custom made this dress for Reese.  So fun! It’s a mix between Sophia the First,  dM teal, and the rainbow since Reese doesn’t have a favorite color. (She always says she likes them all.) She gets to wear it in the big ISU Fashion Show in April.

I’m not sure how to sum up a day like this, or if my description even does the event justice.  It was an honor to stand in the same room as some of those families.  They are an inspiration to us, and their kids are amazing. So many special memories were made this weekend for so many special kids. 
And they raised over $420,000 for Children’s Miracle Network and University of Iowa Children’s Hospital!!!  See, they are amazing!  We are just so, so grateful for our Dance Marathon family!

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