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Do you guys know what is happening this weekend?

Dance Marathon!!!

Dance Marathon is the largest student run organization on ISU’s campus.  They raise money throughout the year for Children’s Miracle Network and specifically University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.  They have pledged one million dollars to the new children’s hospital scheduled to be completed in 2016!

This is our second year participating in Dance Marathon. We had an absolute blast last year!!  We made a new video to share Reese’s story and our love for Dance Marathon.

Over the past year the people of this organization have become near and dear to us.  These college students spend their time, talents, and many hours raising money for children who spend time at the U of I.  They give selflessly.  They plan fun events for the kids and families throughout the year. They spend hours preparing for a day long event that is designed to celebrate life.  Reese looks forward to the “day-of” all year.  Dancing, music, games, 900 college students to play with, a 15 hour non-stop party…what’s not to love?

If you (like us) are feeling the love, you can make a general donation here.  But, I want to introduce you to a couple students who have made an impact in Reese’s life.  These folks are special.  Please consider specifically supporting them.  In the end, all the money goes into the same pot, so maybe you should support them all 🙂

Meet Terry.

Terry is our families contact this year.  Meaning, he is in charge of getting us info and keeping us in line 🙂  We love Terry.  We have been able to share life with him and the kids get so excited when he comes over.  He supported Reese at her dance recital, visited her in the hospital- twice, sent his fiance to visit when he couldn’t be there, watches sports with Brian, joins us for dinner, he is just great.  As a matter of fact, he is watching our kids tomorrow night so we can go to connection group.  We are blessed by his support of our family.

Meet Natalie.

Natalie is the co-director for Business Relations on this years exec committee for Dance Marathon.  She and Reese have become fast friends. We were so blessed by Natalie in the hospital when she called up and asked to play with Reese so we could grab dinner.  Um…YES!  She brought crafts and she and Reese made blankets and headbands while Brian and I ate a glorious uninterrupted dinner. She is also a tech at Reese’s pharmacy.  We know Natalie has been working when there are fun doodles on Reese’s medicine bottles 🙂
Meet Leslie.
Leslie was the Morale Captain for our team last year.  She dressed up through out the day-of and it was her job to support and encourage her team of dancers. When she came out for Disney hour dressed as Snow White, Reese was hooked.  Reese spent most of the day-of last year hanging out and dancing with Leslie.  This summer, when public swimming lessons weren’t a possibility for Reese due to her issues, Leslie gave Reese private swimming lessons.  She loved on Reese well during her surgeries this fall too.  Reese is excited to hang out with Leslie at this years day-of!

Meet Jessica.
Jessica is one of the co-directors for this year’s Dance Marathon.  I have no idea how she does it all, but somehow she (along with Anna) manages around 15 exec members, over 200 committee members, and throws a killer event for over 900 students.  And she does this in her free time, while majoring in Pre PA, and being the campus leader that she is.  She’s amazing.  She always has a smile and hug for Reese. When Jess is around, you can bet Reese is with her.  She brought the exec committee over to our house one night for a riveting game of hide-and-go-seek and duck duck goose. And it made Reese’s night.  We are so thankful for her commitment to Children’s Miracle Network!

We love so many of them but I should probably stop at four. And…I don’t have pictures with any more dMers 🙂 We can only pray that we will give of ourselves as sacrificially as these students have.  We are so grateful for all of them!!

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