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Christmas 2013 in pictures.  Enjoy!
Please note: our two year old CAN NOT TO SAVE HIS LIFE smile and/or keep his eyes open in pictures.
Cade is not sneezing.  Nope, he did that on purpose STINKER.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Here is the progression when you ask Cade to take a picture.
1. He refuses.

2. He decides mid-picture to back into the frame.

3. He decides to be a goof.

4. The best I could do.

Mo and Bo were not forgotten.  We got all the kids one big gift this year.

We headed to Quasky for the Wulfekuhle Christmas and some family time.

How did Aunt Allison get Cade to smile?!

Merry Christmas!  Yay for 2014!

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