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I get this statement a lot in regards to our kiddos from Africa…

“Those kids are so lucky to be coming into your family”

And I think I truly understand where people are coming from.  Thanks to the never-ending love and grace of our Father, they will have a family, food, a home and they will be loved.  But they really aren’t lucky.

Lucky isn’t losing your first family.  Our kids will probably never know their birth mom, what she looked like, or even her name.  Your first family is a large part of who you are.  Losing your first family is not lucky.

Lucky is not losing every sight, sound and smell that is familiar to you.  Can you imagine losing everything you know to come live with a strange family, who doesn’t look like you or talk like you?

Lucky is not fighting for survival on the streets at two years of age.

They are not lucky.  But they are fighters, they are loved, they are blessed and they are ours.  We are the lucky ones.


I wrote this post back in August and it sat unpublished for four months.  And then today I ran across this blog post, and it explained it perfectly.

“(Adoption) is such a work of God’s grace and mercy that out of such brokenness and heartache and loss could be hope, restoration, and redemption. Yes, I see that, I promise I do. But that’s not lucky or winning the lottery or getting the best deal in life. It’s beauty from ashes… but you can’t discount the ashes.”

Read the post HERE.  Don’t discount the ashes.


Also, I really need to post an adoption update. Soon, very soon.  I even have one half-written.  By saying this, I am hoping it won’t take me four months to publish.  Public accountability 🙂

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