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Reese is home and doing fabulous.  We got out Tuesday afternoon and haven’t looked back.  Our last couple days at the hospital were spent hanging out together.  I love this girl!

Reese had a couple themes songs for our time in the hospital, but this was a go-to.  Reese loves Sara Barielles’ Brave.  Reese was so brave, and we sang this song during yucky times in the hospital.

Reese also loves Katy Perry’s Roar.  And let me tell you, that song is very representative of Reese’s time in the hospital 🙂  She made her displeasure known, so much so that our favorite resident would stop by to be sure Reese was OK because she could place Reese’s “roar” from down the hall. She’s a fighter 🙂

We are SO GRATEFUL for all of your support and prayers.  God used you to make the hard days bearable.  Your prayers sustained us when we didn’t think we could handle any more.  Your words of encouragement reminded us of how many people we had praying for us.  Your gifts brightened Reese’s day. So many people came to visit with us and Reese.  Way more than I have pictures of, but we are eternally grateful for each and every one of you.  Even when Reese wasn’t up for visitors, many of you sat in the family room with us and kept us company.  And when Reese was up for visitors, you all proved to be a great distraction tool 🙂

Reese and Leah painting.  With bottomless glasses of Sprite and a playroom stocked with any toy you could want, they had a good time!

Reese absolutely loved seeing her Dance Marathon friends.  Dance Marathon holds such a special place in our hearts, and we are so thankful to have such great support. These college students are something special.

Natalie even showed up with crafts one night, and she made headbands and fleece blankets with Reese so Brian and I could grab a meal together!

We came home loaded with presents, balloons, gift cards and a thank you list a mile long.  Our house was cleaned, our fridge stocked and we haven’t had to cook a meal yet.  Seriously, so grateful.  So very grateful.

We are excited for our new normal and are praying that this surgery was worth the road we traveled. We pray that the tube gives Reese some much needed freedom and normalcy.

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