I’m going to steal a line from my husband when I say that I have mixed emotions writing this. I can officially announce that Aaron accepted a job offer with the Shenandoah School District, so our family is moving to Southwest Iowa.  This is something that is incredibly bittersweet for our entire family.

While it has always been the plan for Aaron to finish his masters and get a job as an administrator, it is crazy to think about we are finally where we had always planned to be.  When we moved to State Center, we initially planned to stay for 4-5 years.  Now, with plans that were put on hold after we had the twins, it’s 12 years later!

Aaron’s official position is full-time Activities Director (AD), with other assistant principal/admin duties as assigned.  He starts July 1st, so we will be heading down at the end of June.  I can’t say enough what a happy and proud wife I am right now.  He is going to rock it at that position, it is totally in his wheel house.  I can’t wait to see what great things he does!

The entire family went down to Shenandoah a day over spring break to tour the school and town.  Everybody was very welcoming and ready to help us in whatever way they can, which was a huge comfort!

As for me, I will still be working remotely, at least for awhile, at the paper here in State Center.  It will be similar to what I did when Blake was in the hospital.  I will look for something in Shenandoah once school starts and everybody gets settled.

We are looking at this as a new adventure for our family.  It’s a part of the state we know absolutely nothing about, so we will learn a lot of new things. The kids are taking things in stride, as kids do.  Their biggest thing is to just know somebody that first day of school, which is to be expected.  The school district is comparable to where we are now, it’s just one big town instead of five small ones.

Lots of changes in the upcoming months!  We are attacking this like we have many other big things in our life – with a positive attitude. 🙂