I wanted to let you know that we need some prayers for Mr. Blake.  Last week, he was supposed to have his monthly lab draw.  For those of you unfamiliar, he still has his port up by his left collar bone that the nurse has to access each time.  Last Tuesday when we tried she got a pull back of blood and then it stopped.  She manipulated the needle, got a pull back of blood and then it stopped.
We tried another needle and we couldn’t get any blood.  After that, we were out of needles and had to wait for another shipment from Iowa City.

This port has been with us since 2013, which is super awesome.  It also makes me scared that it has finally crapped out on us.

We have repeat labs to try again tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.  If you would, please pray and think positive thoughts that it works.  If it doesn’t we’ll be heading to the hospital locally to get some blood thinning stuff put through the port to check and see if it’s clotted.  If that doesn’t work, I’m assuming we’ll be headed to Iowa City, which nobody wants to do.

Thank you all in advance and I will keep you posted!