The week of our move the twins played their last t-ball game of the season.  Their t-ball season went about how we expected it to go.  The twins are little ballers who are competitive and get what’s going on and pretty much always want the ball! Ha.  
Before we left for the game we had to take some “serious” photos in the front yard.  Bowen….
 And Blake…

 Bowen is an interesting kiddo.  Compared to the other two boys, he could honestly be the least concerned about watching, practicing and being ultra competitive about baseball.  That being said, he is so super athletic and during games he totally has it dialed in.  Look at that swing!  Making this mama proud.

 His facial expressions are on point.  They crack me up.

 And my little lefty. FINALLY, ya’ll.  Blake lives and breathes baseball.  He loves, loves, loves it!

Please note his ginormous batting gloves that he needs to wear for “sliding.”  Obviously. 

 Brody was watching a you tube video about pop-up slides and Bowen just goes out there and almost has it down.  I’m all like, you’re six.  Why are you already sliding better than I ever did?! 

 Blake’s dream is to be a catcher.  Um, no.  Blake…you are left-handed.  Blake…you also have one kidney and I don’t need you getting bowled over at the plate.  Thankfully, t-ball lets him live out that dream.  Also, can you see his mouth is open?  He’s always yammering away about where the ball needs to go. 

 Two for one special at the plate.

I’ve never had my kids play together before in an actual game and let me tell you, it was super cool.  You can tell they play with each other at home and there’s an intuition there between them that you don’t see elsewhere.  Yes, I know that sounds crazy because they’re six and it’s t-ball, but you have to trust me on this.  I absolutely cannot wait to see what the future holds for these two and I hope they continue to have fun together!!