Today the kiddos had their first official day of school!  I didn’t have to wake anybody up, they were all bundles of energy that were bouncing off the walls by 6:30 a.m.  A new school district will do that to you I guess. 🙂  
After back-to-school night on Monday, I myself was feeling all sorts of feels.  We’d been at West Marshall for so long that it just felt odd to not see a familiar face around every corner, to meet teachers that were all new and not know where in the building we were going.  It made me realize – this is happening!  We’re really starting at Shenandoah!
Anyway, back to today.  I dropped the kids off today because Jenna had her trombone.  Everything went smoothly at the drop off and I am happy to report I held in my tears until I got out of the school parking lot.  I was just so nervous for the kids even though I put on a brave face for them!
I’m so excited to tell you that the kids had a great day!  All four of them!  It was also SO AWESOME that some of our new Shen friends texted me during the day to let me know how the kids were doing or to check in after school to see how it went.  You guys made my day! 🙂
To all our West Marshall friends…I’m so thankful for social media!  Thank you for posting pics of your kids so we can see them from three hours away.  We miss you all so much!!
Here are the kids’ pictures for this year…
Jenna, 6th grade
Brody, 4th grade
Blake, 1st grade
 Bowen, 1st grade
The crew.  Ready for a great year!