Ames High School gets down to give back $10,000 at their first ever mini marathon

Ames High School raises over $10,000 For The Kids at their first Mini Marathon!


Grab your dancin’ shoes and become a part of a sensational movement across the nation. Iowa State Dance Marathon (ISUDM) works in conjunction with school districts around Iowa to plan and execute Dance Marathon events throughout the year. Last year, ISUDM’s High School Dance Marathons raised over $60,000. All FTK!

Our Mission: We want to instill the #FTK passion in kids of all ages and help future generations!

1) Interested in planning a Dance Marathon Event?

These events could be anything from a High School Dance Marathon to coming to your football game and helping sell merchandise. Co-hosting a 5k with your school, FTKarnvials, speaking at an assembly, whatever YOU (bold and in teal) want to do, we’re here to help!

2) What is a High School Dance Marathon?

High School Dance Marathons are a smaller version of ISUDM’s Big Weekend Event. They are school sponsored events that help raise money and awareness for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

3) Why should my school host a High School Dance Marathon?

Your school district has the opportunity to not only start a legacy of caring and sharing at your school but to create miracles for kids in Iowa. Your school has the chance to make a real, tangible difference.

4) How does one start planning a Dance Marathon?

a. Get a group of passionate students and ask a faculty member to advise your group. Groups are usually, but not limited to, National Honors Society, Key Club, or Student Council.
b. Have the advisor of your group contact the High School Outreach Program Committee at with the following information:

School District
School Address where your event will be held
What your school is interested in planning
Any ideas you have that you’d like to implement
Potential date you’d like to hold your event

This could be as vague as “sometime in the late fall” or as specific as “October 3rd at 7pm”

c. You will be assigned a High School Outreach Ambassador, who will be your liaison between your school and ISUDM. They will answer any questions you may have and will assist you in planning your DM event if need be

5) What events can my school hold to raise money for our DM event?

Penny wars, canning at football games, selling merchandise, candygrams, car washes, writing letters to family and friends, asking local businesses to support your event, the opportunities are endless (in teal)! Your High School Outreach Ambassador will be help you pick what fundraising opportunities are the best for your school!

To be a part of the DM Movement, please email the High School Outreach Program Director, Hope Yates, at We hope to hear from you soon!

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