Canning on Campus:

  • You take a can and go around to each tailgate in the section you are given before a football game. You talk to them about what Dance Marathon is and ask if they would like to donate money to the cause.


Canning outside of stores:

  • Look to see if your local grocery store will allow you to stand outside of the doors and ask people for money for Dance Marathon. This is just like what the Salvation Army does during the winter!



  • When you are home on breaks ask your neighbors if you can do chores for them in return for money for your Dance Marathon account. You can do things such as: babysitting, mowing the lawn, walking the dogs, watering the plants, etc.



  • Email your family members and professors to see if they would be willing to donate to your account. PERSONALIZE these emails instead of sending a mass email, because recipients enjoy getting personalized email more. Also, if you were close to teachers in high school or you think your parents friends would donate, try to email them as well.

Pop Can Drive:

  • Go around after football games in the tailgate lots and pick up all of the cans on the ground. You could also collect cans at your house and have your friends and neighbors do it as well. Turn them into Hyvee and receive money for the cans you have collected!


Matching Gifts:

  • Ask your parents and their friends if the businesses they work for will match their donations. This is an easy way to double the amount of money you receive on donor drive because whatever the employee donates to you the business will match!


Concession Stands:

  • Volunteer to sell concessions during the volleyball, football, and basketball games. All of the money raised will be split between the dancers that work for the event.



  • The new online shopping craze is the website Etsy. So if you are really good at painting canvases, making jewelry, making scarfs, etc you can make them and sell them on Etsy.


Bake Sale:

  • Make a lot of food and sell it in your neighborhood, at your church, or at Iowa State! Everyone loves food! Sell the food for a donation price. People are more likely to give more money if there is no set price.


Restaurant Fundraisers:

  • Set up restaurant fundraisers where part of the proceeds go towards your organization’s account. You can do fundraisers at Orange Leaf, Panda Express, Buffalo Wild Wings, Coldstone, and many more.


Collect Cans:

  • Collect cans in bags and when the bag is full take them to Hyvee to get 5 cents per can! Go around after football games and pick up cans in the tailgate lots or save cans from drinking pop throughout the year.


Keep a Change Jar:

  • Every time you get change when paying with cash keep it in a jar. Once the jar is full bring it to your bank to see how much money you have in change and donate it all to your donor drive.

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