Dance Marathon FAQ

Who does Iowa State Dance Marathon support?

Iowa State Dance Marathon supports the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, specifically the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital. Students and participants raise funds and awareness year-round to support the children and families at the hospital.

How is it year-round?

We have different events for participants every year. For example: a 4K walk/run, “Tealgates”, fundraising events to help them exceed their fundraising goals, among many other opportunities to engage with the cause.

How do I stay involved after I register?

Stay involved by attending to dancer information sessions, going to fundraising or any other social events, reaching out to your Morale Captain — you make Dance Marathon what you want it to be!

What if I can’t dance?

Dance Marathon is not all about dancing, so this is just a mere misconception. However, think of dancing as a celebratory term. Kids celebrate by dancing, right? We celebrate the milestones we reached this year by pledging to stand and dance to bring awareness of those – it’s a celebration of life! In hindsight, any type of dancing is welcome.

What if I don’t know anybody?

You have the opportunity to meet numerous Morale Captains as well as people on your team or dancers who will also be attending.

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