Emily Cowles & Grant DennyExecutive
Emily BeilkeAlumni Relations
Abbey VitoshDevelopment
Emily Kramer & Erica SwansonEvents
McKenzie Fairfield & Cat RudolphFamily Relations
Collin CoffeyFinance
Christina CreelGraphics
Liz AuenHigh School Outreach Program
Romina Rivadeneira Public & Media Relations
Madie Conley & Haley MorrisRecruitment & Dancer Relations
Katlyn Hardecopf & Morgan SommerSponsorship

Emily Cowles & Grant Denny

Executive Co-Directors

  • Liaison between Children’s Miracle Network, University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and Iowa State University
  • Run weekly executive committee meetings and monthly all-committee meetings
  • Ensure that Iowa State University Dance Marathon is as successful as possible

Why Emily does Dance Marathon: “I stand for miracles that have been made and that will be made through our efforts.”
Why Grant does Dance Marathon: “I’m here For the Kids. I know that what we do as an organization is making a positive impact. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”


Emily Beilke

Alumni Relations Director

  • Lead Alumni Relations Committee
  • Act as a liaison between ISUDM Alumni and ISUDM
  • Plan and execute Alumni events throughout the year to keep Alumni involved
  • Send out monthly newsletters to Alumni

Why Emily does Dance Marathon: “Every child should get the chance to grow up, to have a lifetime of birthdays and Christmas’s, to dance at prom and see their college graduation, get married, travel the world, have their own kids and those kids should get the chance to live a healthy life where their biggest worry is what cartoon to watch. Kids should have a lifetime of memories that aren’t hospital visits and surgeries. I joined the Dance Marathon family because I believe wholeheartedly that we have the ability to change the world, making it a better, healthier and happier world for future generations.”


Abbey Vitosh

Development Director

  • Lead Development Committee
  • Facilitate understanding of all aspects of the organization and support the development of future Dance Marathon leaders
  • Coordinate big events such as 100 Days Out Celebration and Extra Life
  • Coordinate the Iowa State Dance Marathon Miracle Cup

Why Abbey does Dance Marathon: “I got involved with Dance Marathon because it is such an amazing cause so close to my heart. Being from Iowa City, I have gotten the chance to watch the changes happen to the hospital over the years. I dance for the kiddos. I dance for them to have a chance. A chance for more smiles, birthdays, and more memories.”


Emily Kramer & Erica Swanson

Events Directors

  • Lead Events Committee
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute all entertainment for major ISUDM events such as the 4K For The Kids and Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Communicate with university administration and outside vendors to coordinate venue for Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Design layout of the venue and logistics for Dance Marathon Weekend

Why Emily does Dance Marathon: “I dance so that the kiddos can grow up and have all the opportunities that I do! I want to make sure that the kiddos know that there is always someone fighting for them! I dance so that they never have to go through it alone.”
Why Erica does Dance Marathon: “I participate in Dance Marathon to help kids live life to the fullest! I dance to make a difference in the lives of the miracle kiddos and families that ISU Dance Marathon supports. .”


McKenzie Fairfield & Cat Rudolph

Family Relations Directors

  • Lead Family Relations Committee
  • Collaborate with committee to serve as liaisons between families, other committee members and dancers, and increase meaningful connections between them
  • Integrate current and new Miracle Families to Iowa State Dance Marathon
  • Plan and execute events for and with Miracle Families

Why McKenzie does Dance Marathon: “I participate in Dance Marathon because I have personally seen over the years how it can change lives. It brings change and hope into families lives every single day. To be able to help achieve this with Dance Marathon and Children’s Miracle Network is an amazing feeling that really can’t even be described.”
Why Cat does Dance Marathon: “It’s the most rewarding experience I’ve had in college! These kids and families touch my heart and I really feel like I’m making a difference. Every time a family explains the impact Dance Marathon has made on them my eyes tear up. DM is a large organization and takes a lot of hard work, but the results speak for themselves! The feelings and emotions of DM Weekend are hard to explain. It’s truly a magical organization!”


Collin Coffey

Finance Director

  • Track and collect all money raised by individuals and organizations that participate in ISUDM
  • Manage budget for each committee and operational expenses for the year
  • Seek outside funding and build relationships to improve the quality of events throughout the year, especially Dance Marathon Weekend

Why Collin does Dance Marathon: “I joined Dance Marathon to be part of an organization that betters the lives of those who go through hardships that most people could not imagine. I was hooked for good after seeing the impact Dance Marathon has on the miracle kids that attend the event during my first year. “


Christina Creel

Graphics Director

  • Create digital content in conjunction with Public Relations Director
  • Handle all merchandise design and order
  • Supplement relationships between Dance Marathon and a network of vendors

Why Christina does Dance Marathon: “To feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself, that I’m actually leaving an impact on something in the world.”


Liz Auen

High School Outreach Director

  • Lead High School Outreach Committee
  • Coordinate and provide help for existing High School Dance Marathons throughout Iowa
  • Contact high school administration and faculty to begin new High School Dance Marathons
  • Provide all necessary information and support during the planning process of a High School DM

Why Liz does Dance Marathon: “I do Dance Marathon for more smiles, laughter, for more first days of school, first dates, to make miracles, to be a part of something bigger than myself, and most importantly – for the kids. They are so incredible, and the impact we have on their lives is something they are going to carry with them forever. The things they go through – that’s something they should never have to go through alone.”


Romina Rivadeneira

Public & Media Relations Director

  • Lead Public Relations Committee
  • Collaborate with committee to create, plan and execute a marketing plan for all Dance Marathon events as well as campaigns
  • Distribute digital content in conjunction with the Graphics Director
  • Coordinate photography and filmography of all ISUDM events
  • Manage all ISUDM social media accounts
  • Update and maintain the ISUDM website

Why Romina does Dance Marathon: “I do Dance Marathon because I found a home with this organization when I really needed one, so I give back as much as I can. The kids, families and students involved in ISUDM are some of the most authentic (if not THE most authentic) individuals I’ve met in my life. Our Miracle Families have inspired me to consistently go for more, because they always do. So it is my mission to help them change more lives as they have mine. I stand because these heroes deserve their best chance.”


Madie Conley & Haley Morris

Recruitment & Dancer Relations Directors

  • Lead Recruitment & Dancer Relations Committee
  • Oversee, train and supervise Morale Captains as they encourage DM awareness and recruit dancers
  • Collaborate with committee to create and choreograph the Morale Dance
  • Plan and execute on campus engagement events such as Miracle Week, FTKarnival, tabling, etc.

Why Madie does Dance Marathon: “I do Dance Marathon because I have experienced the loss of a young person in my life and want to prevent that from happening to other families. I do DM to give kiddos a second chance at achieving all of their hopes and dreams and to enjoy just being a kid. There are many reasons that I could say why I do DM, but the best reason is to see the smiles from the miracle kiddos and their families during DM weekend and know that you are changing their lives.”
Why Haley does Dance Marathon: “I do Dance Marathon because I have seen how magical the things this organization does. It’s a truly life changing experience, there’s nothing like putting smiles on kids faces and fighting against childhood illness with your collegiate peers!”


Katlyn Hardecopf & Morgan Sommer

Sponsorship Directors

  • Lead Sponsorship Committee
  • Plan fundraising events held throughout the year such as concessions, canning, giveback nights and working security at events
  • Collaborate with committee to actively seek new businesses and maintain previous sponsors relationships to bring in the most money for Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Coordinate all the food served at Dance Marathon Weekend

Why Katlyn does Dance Marathon: “Dance Marathon captured my heart as a freshman. Running through the opening ceremonies gave me butterflies, and after finding out I could get more involved, I jumped at the opportunity. I dance for more smiles, more laughter and more happiness. Every kid deserves to have a wonderful childhood to look back in, and Dance Marathon Weekend is an oasis for our kiddos. Having the opportunity to make their day is so rewarding, and I’m so happy that I am part of this organization.”
Why Morgan does Dance Marathon: “I love Iowa State Dance Marathon! Everything we stand for, the differences our organizations makes, and the ability to give back to the community are all reasons to be involved. However, I Stand For ISU DM…I Stand For Another Tomorrow. Far to often life, a beautiful gift, is taken for granted. The reality is, especially as Miracle Kiddo, we never know which day could be our last. Saying goodbye, preparing for a potential loss, and coping with the loss of a loved one is never easy…and it never becomes easier. Therefore, I Stand For – another tomorrow, another treatment, more smiles, more laughter, less worry, less sadness. I stand for an end to childhood illness.”