Executive Team Contact Information

David Wahl 

Executive Co-Directors

  • Liaison between Children’s Miracle Network, University of Iowa Children’s Hospital and Iowa State University
  • Run weekly executive committee meetings and monthly all-committee meetings
  • Ensure that Iowa State University Dance Marathon is as successful as possible

Taryn Johnston & Emerson Latham

Community Outreach & Development Directors

  • Lead ACF Relations Committee
  • Act as a liaison between ISUDM Alumni, Iowa State University Faculty, and the Ames community
  • Plan and execute alumni, faculty, and community events throughout the year
  • Send out monthly newsletters
  • Lead Development Committee
  • Facilitate understanding of all aspects of the organization and support the development of future Dance Marathon leaders
  • Coordinate big events such as Miracle week
  • Coordinate the Iowa State Dance Marathon Miracle Cup

Tyler Carroll & Bennett O’Hare

Stewardship Directors

  • Lead Stewardship Committee
  • Foster relationships with all aspects of Dance Marathon, including members, sponsors, and campus organizations
  • Highlight outstanding organization members through Teal Spotlight
  • Develop monthly newsletter used to update members and sponsors

Danielle Elliott

Events Director

  • Lead Events Committee
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute all entertainment for major ISUDM events such as the Tealgate, Miracle Week and Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Communicate with university administration and outside vendors to coordinate venue for Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Design layout of the venue and logistics for Dance Marathon Weekend

Jillian Wood & Jena Bendoraitis

Family Relations Directors

  • Lead Family Relations Committee
  • Collaborate with committee to serve as liaisons between families, other committee members and dancers, and increase meaningful connections between them
  • Integrate current and new Miracle Families to Iowa State Dance Marathon
  • Plan and execute events for and with Miracle Families

Grace Fangman

Finance Director 

  • Track and collect all money raised by individuals and organizations that participate in ISUDM
  • Manage budget for each committee and operational expenses for the year
  • Seek outside funding and build relationships to improve the quality of events throughout the year, especially Dance Marathon Weekend

Grace Estenson & Sierra Hoeger

Branding Directors


  • Collaborate to create, plan and execute a marketing plan for all Dance Marathon events as well as campaigns
  • Distribute and create digital content
  • Coordinate photography and filmography of all ISUDM events
  • Manage all ISUDM social media accounts
  • Update and maintain the ISUDM website
  • Handle all merchandise design and order

Anna Tystahl

High School Outreach Director 

  • Lead High School Outreach Committee
  • Coordinate and provide help for existing High School Dance Marathons throughout Iowa
  • Contact high school administration and faculty to begin new High School Dance Marathons
  • Provide all necessary information and support during the planning process of a High School DM

Mollimarie Emerson

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Director 

  • Evaluate inclusivity, accessibility, and social impact of ISU DM events and marketing
  • Coordinate and lead trainings relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion for Dance Marathon members
  • Implement personal and organizational change to increase inclusivity and accessibility of Dance Marathon

Charlie Hanneman & Jamie Wallace

Recruitment & Morale Directors 

  • Lead Recruitment & Miracle Maker Relations Committee
  • Oversee, train and supervise Morale Captains as they encourage DM awareness and recruit dancers
  • Collaborate with committee to create and choreograph the Morale Dance
  • Plan and execute on campus engagement events such as Miracle Week, FTKarnival, tabling, etc.

Hanna Moser & Amy Kraak

Sponsorship Directors 

  • Lead Sponsorship Committee
  • Plan fundraising events held throughout the year such as concessions, canning, giveback nights and working security at events
  • Collaborate with committee to actively seek new businesses and maintain previous sponsors relationships to bring in the most money for Dance Marathon Weekend
  • Coordinate all the food served at Dance Marathon Weekend

Elisa Fisher

Fundraising Director

  • Plan fundraising events held throughout the year such as concessions, canning, giveback nights and working security at events
  • Collaborate with all Miracle Makers to ensure each individual has opportunities to fundraise
  • Work closely with Sponsorship Directors to build partnerships with businesses and organizations around the Ames community
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